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gokul krishna

"History unfolds at the hands of the storyteller and the photographer captures the essence of it." I'm a culture and conservation photographer based on Kerala ( India ), aiming to educate people about the importance of of preserving our valuable art forms and culture through Photography. At present, I'm focusing on north malabar region of Kerala. But in the future I'm hoping to capture the entire country and beyond.

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ʀᴀɪʏᴀɴɪ ᴍᴜʜᴀʀʀᴀᴍᴀʜ

I'm a travel photographer. I have traveled for more than 11 years and have gone to 34 provinces of Indonesia and more than 15 countries. I'm also a travel writer for some Indonesian in-flight magazines. I want to create a space for people to know more about Indonesia, especially in this pandemic that makes us unable to travel to places overseas.

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I'm Umut Recber, a 23 years old living in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been creating surreal visuals since 2013. After participating in a photoshop course when I was a high school student, I learned that it's possible to create the visuals I imagine using photographs. I want people to enjoy the aesthetics when they look at my images. Because I enjoy creating what I imagine, sharing my work is just like the desire to share happiness. Every piece of my work has a story, but it's beautiful that people who come across my images see different stories in the images. The fascinating power of visual perception.

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I am Kuldeep Kumar, 33 years old digital artist, based in Mumbai, India. Professionally I am a Creative Director in a Multi-National Advertising Agency. Apart from my job I love to create space or celestial art in my free time as I am very fond of celestial happenings and the universe. I love creating art, and I feel it's a huge privilege for our generation to share our art with the whole world with just a single click on digital platforms. It's important to share my vision with the world. My intention is to bring joy and touch peoples' hearts, foster intrigue in everyone as to the wonders of the gigantic cosmos, and spark curiosity about the infinite possibilities of the existence of life. Through my art, I want to inspire and motivate every person who wants too, to become a digital artist. No one knows how and when someone gets inspired and who, in the future, will become great artists.

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My name is Salih Özdemir, I was born in 1994. I live in Turkey. I graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University, from the Department of Graphics and Animation. I've been interested in art for about 5 years, and I like to tell people things I've learned about art along the way. Why do I think is important to share my vision? It makes me happy to present my work to people, to be able to move them with my imagination.

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Hello fellow humans, my name is Luis Mario Carlini Ruocco, but I am better known as Cosmik Madness. I am a freelance digital artist, animator, and musician from Argentina. I believe that inspiration can arrive from the silliest or most mundane of things. When I start Blender (my 3d software of preference), the first thing I always see is the "default cube". I wanted to do a piece of art that celebrates the art of 3d modeling itself, so I made a scene where everything is morphing into cubes, which is why the piece is called Default Cube Virus.

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I'm Ersin Acir. I'm 24 years old. I live in Antalya, Turkey. I work as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I also use my home as my office, which is why I create works in the field of Digital Art. I am doing my master's degree in Graphic Design at the university. I love watching movies and series, traveling on my bike, doing research, and eating. The inspiration for my artworks is nature. I am extremely happy to produce works of art in the field of Digital Art. In this field, people say that I am a very successful artist. This makes me very happy. I am also very pleased to have created many excellent works with ViewSonic and the ColorPro family.

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Jordan Singhn

I am Ajay Singh (Jordan), an Indian Photoshop digital artist. I currently work for Leo Burnett in Mumbai as an Associate Creative Director. The artwork I try to create reflects the most basic parts of human feeling, the hustle of daily life, and natural beauty and environmental issues - which people nowadays often ignore. I always think that if at least one person sees my art and is inspired, that's a win for me.

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Py Tran

My name is Py Tran, a photographer living in Da Lat, Vietnam. I've been interested in photography since I was in middle school. Until recently, I didn't really have the qualifications to pursue a professional photography path. But from a hobby in my free time, I have turned it into my career path. I feel very lucky because I was born and raised in Da Lat , a place that has been bringing a lot of inspiration to people who love creativity. My favorite genre is landscape photography. I want to visit all the places in Vietnam as well as all over the world to capture memorable moments of nature and people.

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Aaron Walls

I am a photographer from Mexico City. I started 14 years ago doing real estate photography, but for 6 years I have been doing conceptual and editorial portraiture. My inspiration is human emotions, if I could describe my work, it would be just like that, an emotional portrait. We are in a time where many people block their emotions, and today for humanity it is of utmost importance to feel and create empathy between people, and art is one of the best ways to do this. Today as photographers we must be authentic to stand out, and when we create from the soul it is reflected in our work. Create with passion! I hope my words will help you.

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I'm Ergen, a Digital Artist from Albania who expresses my inner child's imagination through my artworks. Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I discovered Photoshop 9 years ago at age 15, mainly designing football posters and wallpapers. I soon realized people enjoyed my work which drove me to keep working and improving every single day.

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1. Post your artwork in the selected color of next month

2. Tag our ColorPro Instagram account (@colorpro) in your post

3. Your Instagram account needs to be public and follow ColorPro account on Instagram

4. Hashtag #MyVisionPrecisely and located country (e.g., #USA, #Japan)

After completing above, you will be automatically considered as official submissions.

Winner of each month will receive one VP2785-2K.

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Color of The Month


Without darkness, would we have come to know light? This October, our featured color of the month is VantaBlack, a color designed to be the blackest of all blacks. It is a color of total darkness, as it literally obscures light and its reflection. Our October artists is @natjonesart



It is only when we know ourselves' worth do we get the ability to make art that touches others. This is why Midas Gold is the appropriate featured color of the month. As creatives, everything you touch turns to gold. This month, we’re featuring artworks by artists from all around the world! Our September artists is @davidkoesterphoto.


Requiem Purple

For August, Our #ColorOfTheMonth is “Requiem Purple”, an apt color to represent this journey. Inspired by Mozart’s final work, The Requiem, this particular shade of the color Purple brings a certain air of mystery and enigma. This month, we’re featuring artworks by artists from all around the world! Our August artists is @equ1noz.


Istan Blue

This July, let's put our feet firmly on the ground. Let the peace and calm guide our hearts and be one with the world we're living in. This feeling of tranquility is represented vividly by our #ColorOfTheMonth, Istan Blue. Our July artists is @ahmet.erdem! We're reminded that life and nature have so much to offer.



We’re celebrating June with gratitude in our hearts. Grateful that we, as a society, accept love in all shapes and sizes. Love is like a rainbow. We have so much amazing art to share as we celebrate our featured #ColorOfTheMonth, Love Kaleidoscope. Our June artist is @alexiscuarezma, a commercial director & photographer known for his lighting and use of color.


Savanna Pink

As we approach the month of May, let's all remember the sweet moments in life. That feeling of harmony and self-love is perfectly represented by our #ColorOfTheMonth, Pink! Our May artist is @sasan__san, who aims to "create a connection between the viewer and the beautiful nature that surround us"


Vor Green

As we step into April, there’s no better time to allow yourself to heal, become one with nature, and open yourself up for good fortune. Our featured #ColorOfTheMonth for April is Vor Green! Vor means springtime in Icelandic. Our April artist is @danrubin.


Hana Red

Give yourself permission to feel and live in the moment. If things sometimes get intense, well, red is the color of passion! Our featured #ColorOfTheMonth for March is Hana Red! Hana means flower in Japanese and it’s also the name of our March artist @sayhanart.


Illuminating Yellow

Now more than ever, we need happiness, positivity, and clarity—all feelings that Yellow provides. Let us officially kick off February’s #ColorOfTheMonth with Pantone's llluminating Yellow. "This color evokes the optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day." - Pantone


ColorPro Blue

It’s a brand new year, and what better way than to hit it off with a brand new series? Our mission with this series is to build a hub where artists to get inspired and share their art with the world. We want to kick out this year’s #ColorOfTheMonth with our very own ColorPro Blue. Being known for our color accuracy is kind of our thing, so of course we have to have our own shade of blue!


ColorPro Partner of October

Nat Jones

Great color accuracy, 4K resolution, and a variety of sizes to fit your needs make ColorPro monitors a wonderful addition to any artist’s digital workspace. The ColorPro 32” has become an integral part of my everyday workflow. I love it!

ColorPro Partner of September

David Köster

As a landscape photographer, I think it is important to share my vision with others because it allows me to impress upon them the uniqueness of our earth and hopefully make them more aware of the need to protect our planet.

ColorPro Partner of August

𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑘 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑔

I like to share my visions to the world so that the world won't be so boring

ColorPro Partner of July

Ahmet Erdem

Seeing all the details of the photos I took… I fell in love with them again!

ColorPro Partner of June

Alexis Cuarezma

"Having the ability to share your vision is a privilege that should never be taken for granted as it can impact, inspire and change someone's life in the most positive way. "

ColorPro Partner of May

Sasan Amir

With my works I want to create a connection between the viewer and the beautiful nature which surrounds us.

ColorPro Partner of April

Dan Rubin

ColorPro monitors are a creative’s dream come true — as an artist working across print, digital, photography, and filmmaking, these calibrated displays make my life easier, and my work better.

ColorPro Partner of March

Say Hana

Color is a language understood in the absence of translation, a means to express oneself to the world.

ColorPro Partner of February

Minh Hoa

Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum and is one of the three primary colors of art. According to scientists, the human eyes always have the ability and tendency to notice and process yellow color before others. “ The most familiar type of yellow color is sunlight symbolizing life, dynamism, and youthfulness. Vietnamese people always see yellow color as a representation of the Spring, the color of apricot flowers, and the warm sunshine of the first days of the year. At this time, all the family members are staying together and having a great time... Therefore, I feel very honored when receiving the request to make a set of photos with the main color of yellow. I am going to make a concept including traditional ao dai, the outstanding characters, and talents of the ancient Asian woman. The combination of these old factors and the modern ones will show us the perfect image of our ladies”.

ColorPro Partner of January

Renee Robyn

Whenever you find yourself in a not-so-sunny place in your life, know that the grass is greener on the other side.

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