2021 ColorPro Award:


Eye on Adventure:
A Global Photography Competition

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we search for it, sometimes it just finds us.
But no matter when, where or how it happens, adventure is felt, experienced and remembered.

And part of its beauty is its breadth of definition. And we invite you to share yours with us. The 2021 ColorPro Award celebrates the spirit of adventure, through the lens of photographers around the world.


You took the adventure.
You got the shot.
Now get the reward.

We created the ColorPro Award for the same reason we created the entire ViewSonic ColorPro line itself – to celebrate inspired visual creators around the world. Together, with our set of industry-leading partners, we’re celebrating adventure in all its forms as seen through lenses around the world.

Last year we tapped into much-needed global kindness, this year we celebrate a global reawakening and the adventure that comes with it.


Prizes from our distinguished partners.

Prizes include:

More than £2000 in cash ($3000 USD)
ColorPro VP2776 Monitor
Monogram Master Console
Shoot The Frame Premium Membership
Additional free trial of Capture One
Tickets to join a photography training webinar curated by Getty Images

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Our corporate partners in adventure include


ViewSonic’s ColorPro™ professional monitor series delivers stunning, colour-accurate, true-to-life images with industry colour standards including sRGB and Adobe RGB. ColorPro™ series professional monitors serve as the ideal solution for creative work such as photography, design, illustration, video editing, and more.


Capture One delivers award winning photo software to empower image creators everywhere.

With powerful editing and workflow tools, Capture One makes photo editing more seamless and precise than ever.

With unmatched colour handling and reliable tethered support for all major camera brands, it's preferred by pro photographers and studios worldwide.


Getty Images is the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, with over 415 million assets available through its industry-leading site www.gettyimages.com which serves creative, business and media customers in almost 200 countries and is the first place people turn to discover, purchase and share powerful content from the world's best photographers and videographers. Learn More.


Getty Images is the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, with over 415 million assets available through its industry-leading site www.gettyimages.com which serves creative, business and media customers in almost 200 countries and is the first place people turn to discover, purchase and share powerful content from the world's best photographers and videographers. Learn More.


Monogram is built on the foundation of inspiring creativity and productivity by designing tools that adapt to fit any creative. First launched in 2013, Monogram’s first generation product received outstanding reviews by thousands of photographers and video editors in over 150 countries. Its award-winning design was also used in the making of The Madalorian and on stage at Madison Square Garden. Monogram’s newest hardware, Creative Console, launched in November 2020 and significantly refines these foundations based on user feedback and new technology. Funded by prominent venture capital firms SOSV, Extreme Venture Partners and MaRS IAF. Monogram is headquartered in Kitchener, Canada. Learn more at monogramcc.com/about


Join professional and amateur photographers from around the globe and enter your best portrait, landscape and wildlife photos.

The Judges

Global Creative Director




Tricia Ting

Tricia has spent the majority of her career working at advertising agencies throughout the US, ranging in size from boutique shops such as Crispin, Leagas Delaney and Strawberry Frog to large conglomerates such as Y&R and Innocean. During this journey, she has managed to collect her share of Lions, Pencils, Bowls and other industry hardware. In her spare time, she has illustrated children’s books, co-founded a bakery and helped launch various start-ups. A few years ago, Tricia and her husband decided to move to Asia and give their children some international experience. Tricia currently works as Global Creative Director at ViewSonic in Taiwan, where she leads a team of 20+ creatives..


Shoot The Frame



Tristan Hewat

Tristan is the Founder of Shoot The Frame and has been on the judging panel of the Shoot The Frame Photo Awards every month since day one, in 2012. He is a designer and a photographer.

Designer, Photographer, Creative director, and publisher

ViewSonic ColorPro Partner



Dan Rubin

Dan is a ViewSonic ColorPro Partner, he is a designer, photographer, creative director, and publisher based in London. One of Instagram’s earliest beta-testers and a speaker at the world’s first mobile photography conference, his work was featured in the App Store upon Instagram’s launch and he has become one of the most-followed, non-celebrity photographers, with well over half a million followers on Instagram alone. As a designer and user experience advocate, Dan speaks at conferences and teaches workshops around the world on various topics at events including An Event Apart, The Photography Show, Smashing Conference, South by Southwest, Web Directions, and UX London, and has worked with an impressive range of clients including AMEX, Google, Land Rover, MailChimp, Microsoft, and Time.

His first photo book, Koya Bound, sold out its first edition and won the AIGA Cover Design Award in 2017.

Professional designer, cofounder

kampspire®, Shoot The Frame



Jeremy Reinmuth

Jeremy is a Shoot The Frame judge and cofounder of kampspire®. They're on a mission to help create a world where every child can experience summer camp. He is a professional designer, who has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands designing digital platforms, web apps and mobile apps used by millions of people every day. Previously a professional photographer, he now enjoys capturing moments and memories as they come.

Senior Art Director

Getty Images, iStock




As a Senior Art Director at Getty Images, Josie Gealer-Ng oversees a global roster of our most talented photographers and filmmakers. From initial brief execution through to on-set direction and curation, the art direction team work on multiple concepts that challenge perspectives whilst engaging our customers with contemporary imagery to elevate their brands and stories. Josie’s experience comes from 10 years of working in London with Fashion brands and advertising agencies across a diverse range of campaigns before joining Getty Images in 2018.

Regional Content Specialist

Getty Images, iStock



Leung Yiu Hong

As a Regional Content Specialist at Getty Images, Leung Yiu Hong oversees creative content in Southeast Asia region. Leung served as Managing Editor of Photography is Art Magazine. He used to focus on photography education and various photography projects, served parties include Skyhigh Creative Partners, Hong Kong Arts Centre, The Robert H.N.Ho Family Foundation, and Hong Kong Baptist University. As a lens based media artist, he has published two photo books in the past, titled 'I need to be physically healthy because my mind is weak', and 'If you want to quit, let’s do it tomorrow', exploring the relationship between sentimentality and physicality of his being.

Brand ambassador

Capture One




Quentin is Capture One’s brand ambassador. he grew up in a family that pushed him to express his creativity, but then his interest for technology got the best of him and he pursued a career in IT for a few years. That was until he discovered photography: the best of both worlds, when art meets technology! His working background and his childhood gave him all the logical, technical, and artistic skills he needed to follow a new path as a photographer and retoucher.

Marketing Lead

Monogram Creative Console



Kevin Meikle

Kevin has over 10 years of broad marketing experience with a passion for helping startups in all stages grow quickly and efficiently. A photography and media creative graduate, Kevin has travelled extensively across Europe and has a passion for landscape photography. In the last two years, Kevin has been part of a company that was acquired by Google, a leader at a high-growth startup in Toronto and most recently leads the Marketing team at Monogram Creative Console.

Senior Research Editor

Getty Images



Gosling Gao

As Getty Images’ Senior Research Editor, Gosling oversees Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian markets. She works closely with Getty Images content team and contributors, and helps brands tell their stories through authentic and powerful imagery. With a background in International Journalism, she has been working in Media Industry for around 7 years, having gained sound experiences across writing, editing, visual content curation, art direction, research, trend analysis and so much more. Although editorial content creation is where her journey started, she has huge passion for art direction and creative content. She believes that this new world needs realness, just as it needs love.

The Advocators

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