Designer, photographer, creative director

Dan is ViewSonic ColorPro Partner, he is a designer, photographer, creative director, and publisher based in London. One of Instagram’s earliest beta-testers and a speaker at the world’s first mobile photography conference, his work was featured in the App Store upon Instagram’s launch, and he has become one of the most-followed, non-celebrity photographers, with well over half a million followers on Instagram alone.

As a designer and user experience advocate, Dan speaks at conferences and teaches workshops around the world on various topics at events including An Event Apart, The Photography Show, Smashing Conference, South by Southwest, Web Directions, and UX London, and has worked with an impressive range of clients including AMEX, Google, Land Rover, MailChimp, Microsoft, and Time.

His first photo book, Koya Bound, sold out its first edition and won the AIGA Cover Design Award in 2017.

Cinematographer/editor: Andrew Joseph Woomer / IG: @ajwoomer

Adventure through my eyes

My favorite part of any trip is the excitement of the journey that is about to begin — the anticipation, the discoveries, the unknown. Roads and pathways have always represented this to me: the enticing view before your first steps; the hidden destination over the horizon or around the corner, knowing there are many new adventures to come.

Beyond the moment

How do you tell a story in a single image? While there may not be one simple answer, one aspect has always stood out to me as an observer when looking at photographs made by others. The images I feel the most connected to are those which make it easiest for me to imagine myself in the scene — not someone looking at an image from the outside, but a memory that could have been my own.

From landscapes to intimate documentary moments, your role as photographer is that of storyteller — be mindful of the recipients of that story and allow room for their imagination.

What does New Adventure mean to other photographers?