Photographer and storyteller

Luke is a professional photographer and ColorPro ambassador based in the UK – specialising in travel and lifestyle photography he regularly shares his adventures from around the world on his Instagram - @withluke

Adventure through my eyes

2021 is a year for fresh beginnings. The world is now a different place altogether, much has changed and new adventures await. As we work together to explore the world in a new light, I’m making it my priority to appreciate each moment of beauty as it crosses my path. Whether this closer to home or in a journey to a far destination, each adventure can be welcomed and in the early summer of this year I took a bit of a leap of faith and booked a two week ticket to Russia, to meet a long time friend and fellow creative Anna.

This was to be the first of my new adventures for the year, exploring a region of the globe rarely seen on social media, and somewhere I’ve been hoping to visit for a long time.

These images were taken around Sochi, Russia and it embodies the spirit of new adventures for me. Exploring in a new country, editing with a different aesthetic, as well as shooting portraits for the first time in a long while put me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to bring a breath of fresh air into my work!

My next adventure awaits, this time to the deserts of Namibia where I hope to capture images of the towering dunes alongside some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet.

Beyond the moment

I want to preface this advice with this thought – I get asked a lot by my audience whether one should study photography to make it a career choice. My advice is this – if photography is your passion, pursue it wholeheartedly, take as many photos as you can and build up your “brand” and your portfolio. I am fully self-taught and you can be too, a few basics from reading online is enough to grasp the initial concepts, and once you understand these it’s all about practice, being self critical and learning from your peers and fellow creatives. There is not much to “study” in the way of photography, more so just evolving your style until it is at the point which people will hire you for it!


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