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I am very pleased with the ViewSonic VP2468 monitor. The rendering and editing experience has been on spot for me. As an artist and a design professor I look for the best details in colour reproduction and they mean everything to me in my line of work. The color reproduction is extremely good in this beautiful display and is very noticeable from the start compared to my previous setup. The auto-pivot is very convenient and lets me view the images at my desired angle. I can shift , tilt and even rotate the monitor with the touch of a finger literally. This feature is extremely useful for tethered shooting with my 100mp camera. The 99% sRGB gives excellent reproduction that has absolutely made a difference and helped in making accurate corrections in making large format prints.



Deepak John Mathew is a design professor and heads the design department at IIT Hyderabad. He is actively involved in setting up the design Department at IIT Hyderabad.

One of his notable works at his University includes him designing and developing the dual postgraduate programme in Photography Design. He has also set up the Photography Design discipline and started an International Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Photography at the institute in collaboration with University for Creative Arts, Farnham, UK.

Deepak has curated a number of exhibitions at National Institute of Design (NID), including those featuring the works of the famous photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Anne Maniglier, and Raghu Rai. He has contributed to various NID publications such as The Trellis (2010, 2011), D/Signed (2009), Young Designers 2008, Design Plus (2005-08), and Design for Spectrum (2007-08).

Deepak’s work have been published in various books such as Ananya, published by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare of the Government of India, Vijai Singh Katyar’s Indian Saris: Traditions – Perspectives – Design (a book on traditional aspects of Indian design), Darlie O. Kohsy’s Indian Design Edge and Aditi Ranjan & M. P. Ranjan’s “Handmade in India”.

He has received many awards such as the Partnership Development Seed Grant (PDSG) 2012-13 by the Shastri Foundation with Peter Sramek of the OCAD University, Canada ,UKIERI India UK Study Mission 2011 Grant, (16000GBP) by the British Council with Anna Fox, Commonwealth fellowship for developing a split site PhD program and learning about practice based PhD in Photography in 2011, a grant of 50,000GBP from UKERI for developing a twin program for photography Design at NID in Collaboration with Anna Fox, University for Creative Arts, Farnham UK in 2008,Photography award, by India Habitat centre in 2006,Young Artist of the year by Alliance Franciase New Delhi in 1999, Kanoria Scholarship, Kanoria Art Centre, Ahmedabad in 1996, Inlaks Fine Arts Award in 1996, National Scholarship for Young Artists in different cultural fields by Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India in 1996, Fellowship for doing PhD By University Grants Commission in 1996,Nominated for Monbusho Scholarship by Govt of India in 1997 and Nominated for Chinese Scholarship by Govt of India in 1997.

He is also leading and setting up a design Innovation centre at IIT Hyderabad and is researching on Digital Preservation of Indian Monuments and Design Education for Schools. Professor Deepak is also working on immersive technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality to create interactive 3D photography for preservation of Heritage Monuments.

He has had five solo shows in UK and India, exhibited his work at many international and national exhibitions and has authored several papers. He has even written a book called “Principles of Design through Photography”.

He is a regular contributor and columnist to magazines like Indian Architecture & Builder and Better Photography.

He is a renowned figure as a panel member, visiting faculty, lecturer, external evaluator, mentor, and advisor to various universities and institutes all over the world.

Besides photography, Deepak’s interests include VR, AR and XR, painting, teaching design, history of design, and history of art, graphics & illustration.





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