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Hi everyone! I’m Luke Stackpoole, known on social media as @WithLuke, and today I’m going to talk about my experience with the Viewsonic 32inch 4k professional photo editing monitor. As a landscape and lifestyle photographer I have a huge attention to detail and quality in my files, and so I require a monitor that can hold up to the high MP count of my images and also replicate the colours perfectly so I can deliver the desired result to my clients the way I want them to see my images. I have been using the monitor for 5 months now so here is my opinion on it so far!



Modern day cameras and film are slowly but surely pushing the boundaries of resolution and so for me it’s important to have a monitor that can display these resolutions easily. At 60hz and 4k, the monitor can handle my 4k videos in sharp pristine quality as well as displaying my photos in the native resolution they deserve. The picture quality is outstanding, with no visible artifacts and looks flawless in both photo & video editing as well as for casual use in movies and gaming.

Colour reproduction

The primary reason for using the ViewSonic as my monitor of choice is because of the accurate colour reproduction which is extremely important for any creative as it ensures clients and photo prints are using the correct colour space. This monitor has vibrant, rich and detailed colours on a matte IPS screen, but not too HDR which is perfect for my workflow. Tehcnical aspect wise, the monitor has a screen wide sRGB colour uniformity and a smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colours to deliver precise and vivid images.


For me, the monitor is discreet enough to blend in well into my office space but at the same time the sleek modern design looks fitting for any designer home. The thin bezels are a key selling point for me as they don’t distract from the viewing space, in comparison to those found on my previous BENQ monitor which are quite significant which I often find distracting to my viewing space.

Build quality

As far as build quality goes, after 5 months of usage everything is working as good as new, no marks or scratches on the surfaces and no stuck pixels. The backlight bleed is minimal and is as expected on a monitor of this quality, noticeable only in the far corners in pitch black. The stand allows subtle control for optimal viewing height as well as vertical position for use as a second screen.


The VP32-4k is a premium photo editing monitor but very much affordable for photographic enthusiasts and professionals alike. The build quality, modern design and excellent 4k colour reproduction is well worth the investment and ensures my workflow remains consistent and of high quality. If you are looking for a professional grade photo editing monitor that is priced in the mid-range then this should be your go to.






Luke is a professional lifestyle and adventure photographer with a passion for emotive storytelling through his photography and is also an imaging ambassador for Tamron EU. He tends to focus his work on the Nordic and mountainous regions because of the everchanging weather, dramatic scenery and sense of awe that inspire him there. Born in the UK he used to work in the City of London in finance but transitioned to photography in 2017 as this was his passion and now commands an audience of over 300,000 people online.

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