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Sanjay and his wife Roshni are Eye Jogia Photography, a London based Luxury Destination Wedding Photography business of 10 years and counting. Sanjay’s relationship with photography however started when he was at school, growing up within a culture of photography with his dad working at the local Kodak factory for 35 years where Sanjay also worked as a student manufacturing 35mm film.

A combination of this constant ‘all things photography’ environment and his own inner geek (not to mention creative curiosity) meant that he is self-taught and began developing his own style and approach from a young age. He studied Architecture at the University of Bath all the while integrating his love of photography with his architectural presentation techniques, and having qualified as an Architect, he believe strongly that there are many parallels between his Photography his Architectural training. For example… light, composition, space, aesthetics, surface, texture creativity are all common key elements to both disciplines.

Sanjay feels that photography fulfils his creative hunger and satisfies his technical (geeky) side instantaneously, and gets immense satisfaction from creating something that his Brides & Grooms will cherish with pride, knowing that he rose to that particular challenge - be it creative, technical or just beating the odds when time is tight (or all of the above).

His portrait images are a blend of fashion and movie inspired imagery using flattering lighting & posing techniques, and he balances this with a sensitive, observant and almost portrait-like documentary approach for everything else giving his wedding couples the best of both worlds.

Sanjay loves to teach and share that ‘Eureka’ moment with his students whether it’s at one of his limited and exclusive group workshops, at the seminars and conventions that he is invited to speak at, or at the many private ‘One-on-One’ workshops he runs to help protect and shape the future of our industry.

Sanjay has earned 9 WPPI accolades, 18 SWPP accolades and a Fellowship in only two years of entering the Annual 20x16 Print Competitions as well as a Judge for said WPPI competitions.

In addition to being a brand ambassador for both X-Rite and for Fundy Software Sanjay has been featured as one of the 6 Best Wedding Photographers in the World by Professional Photographer Magazine alongside many industry heroes.

“Colour accuracy and consistency is critical in my wedding photography! I capture beautiful high-end South Asian and Indian Weddings which are brimming with colour, culture and vibrancy, so I rely on the quality and accuracy of my ViewSonic VP2768 monitors to help me portray this in my work both digitally and in printed form. The ‘non-glare’ screen and has an ultra slim bezel so it looks great in my studio when I’m presenting to my clients, and the hardware colour calibration has been co-developed with X-Rite for ease and accuracy”.





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