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ZOLAQ (A.K.A Hamburg based artist & photographer Olaf Schieche)

He started with a simple bridge camera and a bicycle lamp on a bridge. Since then, he has become autodidactically suited not only to photography, but also to the handling of light. From simple paintings complex sculptures have become, which with partly even more complicated tools are created. In individual long-term exposures, completely new worlds are created from different light sources. Partial work is also done with fire and pyrotechnics, which gives the picture the special extra. Over the years, he has perfected his techniques and has already implemented numerous projects.

“The most exciting thing about lightpainting is the fact that you are not only behind the camera, but also in front of the camera. I have the possibility to create my own image according to my imagination and ideas. It is exciting to work with different elements at the same time and to approach new worlds. A great variety of creativity is required and for me light painting is a very comprehensive craft. It goes from the crafting, over the correct body movements to refined camera techniques. It just includes all my passions and I can leave my imagination free in the pictures.”

He was one of the first who sold his creations in the lightpainting sector as high-quality prints in more than 60 furniture stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This opened a new division in the art market.

He is also active as an author, trainee and workshopper in Germany, and has given workshops, among others, in the first workshop year, with a total of more than 100 participants. These are also offered together with the large trade fair Photo + Adventure Duisburg and with the largest Lostplace tours provider in Germany go2know.

He has been a sought-after artist for various events, such as the presentation of the new OM-D E-M5II from Olympus in Prague, the big Cisco European Fair in Berlin, or advertising projects, e.g. for the watchmaker CASIO.

visit www.zolaq.de




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