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When Viewsonic got in touch and asked me to try out their new VP2785- 4K factory calibrated monitor I was keen find out what it could do.

Colour accuracy has been a persistent problem. When I edit a video or a photograph I want to know the colour is accurate. I have been plagued with problems where I edit and colour grade a video and then it looks totally different on my laptop or my phone. This is where having a calibrated and accurate monitor comes in and is exactly what this Viewsonic VP2785-4-K monitor provides me. It means I can be confident that the colour I am seeing on the screen is accurate and to a standard.

I have been very impressed with high quality of the panel. The consistency, even when viewed from extreme angles, is very impressive and amongst the best I have seen. The built in colour space presets are very useful, being able to easily snitch between Adobe RGB, sRGB and Rec 709, depending where my videos are destined to be viewed.

It is also been brilliant for my photography too. I want to deliver colour accurate images to clients and this is particularly important when printing. Often in the past I would print an image and the colours would look different to what was on the screen, maybe slightly warmer or more magenta and it left me unhappy and frustrated. I dealt with this by first printing out small images to make sure the colour was right on the print before reproducing it full size. This was both costly and time consuming. With this monitor,thanks to the colour accuracy, I now do not need that step. I can go into my print screen, load up the profile for my printer and paper and the final print looks virtually the same.

The new Viewsonic VP2785- 4K is a joy to use and has improved my workflow, it is saving me time and giving me confidence in the colour accuracy of the product I am delivering. As a bonus the HDR 10 ready screen and multiple inputs haves also let me plug in my media player and enjoy full 4Kk HDR content. It is Pprobably the best monitor I have ever used for both work and for play.







/Adam Karnacz

Hi, my name is Adam Karnacz and I am a landscape photographer, professional wedding photographer and filmmaker.

I have been interested in photography and taking photographs for as long as I can remember. The art matches my lifelong obsession of technology with the love and pleasure it can bring telling a story by capturing a moment in time.

Having grown up in the moors of North Yorkshire, England, my first love is being outdoors exploring the wilderness. To this day, hills and mountains hold a special place in my heart and I aim to capture these landscapes and tell their story for all to see.

With the stresses and strains of modern life, creating images becomes an island and a retreat. Spending so much time outside, it is virtually impossible to avoid our animal friends and they now form a significant part of my portfolio. Being subject to the British weather, with six months worth of overcast skies per year, this has led me into macro and still life photography. Revealing an almost infinite world where shape, colour and fine details are the basis of your craft. I have become well known for my water drop photography

Over the last two years I have been creating videos for YouTube sharing my adventures whilst capturing landscape photography. The channel is called First Man Photography and includes landscape photography vlogs, photography tutorials and camera and lens reviews.

I also specialise in shooting weddings and product photography and have been commissioned on a number of occasions to capture a landscape photograph close to the client’s heart.




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