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Rolly Magpayo

I had the opportunity to test a ViewSonic VP2768 for two weeks and fell in love with it that I found it hard to return. Then finally I was able to acquire one to complete my three-monitor video editing setup. This is my review after using it for more than three months.

I still love it. I don’t regret getting it after the two-week test. It is perfect for my line of work. The design is minimalist and sleek that it made my workstation really modern. I connected it to my iMac via the mini-display port but it can also be connected via HDMI to any source. I also connected the VP2768’s USB upstream to my iMac and it gave me 4 USB ports. Now I have more than enough USB 3.0 ports on my VP2768. I can still connect another monitor to my VP2768 through the display out but that would have to wait.

The monitor stand is nicely designed and very stable. I can tilt up and down and swivel left or right without the stand moving. I can also pivot the monitor 90° left or right, and with the auto pivot app installed, everything I see on my display, including artworks in Photoshop, rotates with the monitor. This is a pretty neat feature that other monitors of this price range don’t have.

The color is amazingly accurate. Out of the box, it displays the same color with other calibrated monitors because it is factory calibrated. Of course I still need to calibrate it from time to time to maintain accurate colors and the good thing is, ViewSonic partnered with X-rite to come up with the ViewSonic Colorbration Kit. Perfectly made for the VP2768.

The VP2768 has different color space settings for photography, movies etc. But I prefer working on the regular settings so my colors are true and correct. The VP2768 is quad HD, meaning four times the size of HD and this resolution is perfect for a 27” monitor. Colors are lifelike and accurate.

The VP2768 is an IPS monitor, meaning I can view my monitor at any angle in front. And since it has a glare-free coating, I can check status of my video renders from any part of my home office while I’m away from the computer.

I use my ViewSonic VP2768 as my Photoshop Monitor because of its color accuracy. I also use it as my reference monitor when color-grading my videos. I have finally resolved the color problems that I often get with non-accurate monitors.

If you’re a Photographer, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Animator or just someone who wants accurate colors, this is the perfect monitor.



Graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts Major in Advertising.

Worked for 7 years in several Advertising Agnecies including Multinational Agencies like AMA-DDB Needham and PAC BBDO.

Quit job and travelled the Philippines for 7 years doing ad jobs and volunteer works for different NGOs. During his 7-year Journey, he volunteered with WWF Humpback Whale Research and Conservation Project for four consecutive years. Staying in Babuyan Islands for 3 months every year. He volunteered for WWF Turtle Islands Conservation in Turtle Islands Tawi-Tawi, volunteered for Whaleshark Studies and worked with local NGOs like Harrison, Conservation International, Black Pencil Project and Loving Presence Foundation.

Worked for GMA Network for 10 years and finally went full-time into Filmmaking and Photography in 2016.

Currently specializing in Travel, Leisure, Tourism and Adventure Promo Videos and Photos. Clients Include Resorts and Hotels and Tourism Offices in the Philippines. Rolly Magpayo is a Mountaineer, Certified Scuba Diver, Kayaker, Mountain Biker and Licensed Paraglider Pilot.




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