Readers' Choice Awards 2016: HDTVs and Computer Monitors

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Computer Monitors

Sometimes it pays to specialize. While most computer monitors are made by companies that build a variety of electronics products—computers, phones, cameras, printers, refrigerators, and more—our 2016 PCMag Readers' Choice Award winner for computer monitors is a company that specializes in displays only: ViewSonic. This is the second time in the last three years that ViewSonic has won the award, having previously earned it in 2014.

ViewSonic received the highest ratings in every satisfaction measure in which it received a rating. It had a rating of 9.1 for overall satisfaction; no one else received a rating of 9.0 or higher. Likelihood to recommend also rated 9.1. Satisfaction with reliability rated 9.3, while satisfaction with picture quality and ease of use both rated 9.2.

As impressive as ViewSonic's ratings are, the competition is not far behind. Seven other companies received enough responses to be included in our survey results and all earned overall satisfaction ratings between 8.7 and 8.9. It's good to know that it's hard to go wrong with a monitor these days.

Last year, Samsung and Asus shared the Readers' Choice Award for monitors. The companies had identical overall satisfaction ratings of 9.1 in 2015, but this year Samsung dropped to 8.9 and Asus to 8.8. On the other hand, Samsung's rating for likelihood to recommend was 9.1, the same as last year and the same as ViewSonic received this year. That's a beloved brand.





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