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vDisplay Manager

vDisplay Manager is a desktop software exclusive to select ViewSonic VP series models for quick and easy color control settings. In addition to integrating the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu controls and advanced settings, the software comes with user friendly color setting features including: Standard Color, ViewMode, Color Temperature, Auto Pivot, PBP and PIP mode, and monitor firmware update. These handy features allow users to quickly adopt color settings based on their preference while also enhancing work productivity.


ViewSonic’s Colorbration kit includes the CS-XRi1 color sensor, which has been co-developed with X-Rite to provide the best solution for displaying long-term color accuracy. CS-XRi1 is X-Rite’s next generation colorimeter, which utilizes a redesigned optical system, filter technology, calibration architecture, and intelligent form factor to be paired with Viewsonic’s Colorbration application to deliver unrivaled color accuracy, repeatability, and device longevity.


ViewSonic’s Colorbration+ offers hardware calibration that aligns communication between the graphics card and the monitor to ensure long-term consistency and accurate colors on ViewSonic ColorPro monitors.

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