Thin Bezel Monitors: More Than Just Good Looking
Clean lines and a seamless viewing experience help you focus on your tasks


When working on perfecting imagery, you want the least amount of distractions possible. As monitor design trends continue to edge towards a sleeker, more streamlined appearance, some of the resulting features are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they can improve your viewing experience as well. A thin bezel is an excellent example of a flawless combination of style and functionality.

The Frame

A frameless design is essentially a super-slim bezel that helps you focus on content and utilize the entirety of your screen. Most monitors are frameless on three sides; The ViewSonic VP2468 professional monitor, however, utilizes a four-sided frameless design. It has a bezel width of 1.9mm all around, making it a stylishly slim profiled, lightweight monitor. Four-sided frameless means that all logos, menu control buttons, and other distractors that would otherwise be stuck onto the frame have been removed from sight. An edge-to-edge screen design helps to eliminate glare and gives content a more interactive feel when viewing it. When edge-to-edge is combined with a frameless design, the result is a tranquil viewing experience that gives off the feel that your content is floating in thin air.

Multi-monitor Setups

The greatest benefits of this frameless monitor will be realized with use in multi-monitor setups. When monitors are combined side-by-side, the bezel width where the monitors meet measures out to a mere 3.8mm, allowing for a fluid combination of two or more monitors. A frameless design also allows for some added flexibility when extending beyond the common 1x2 or 1x3 setups. Combining four monitors in a 2x2 setup makes for an impressive 4k Ultra HD quality display that feels like one singular screen and could even be used for a video wall installation. Moreover, the four-sided frameless bezel delivers the same fluid experience regardless of monitor orientation, making it possible to put together vertical multi-monitor setups as well. A common complaint when using multi-monitor setups is color variation between screens. The VP2468 has successfully combated this issue and delivered color uniformity across all the screens in a multi-monitor setup, meaning that there will never be a monitor that is any redder, bluer, or blurrier than the other.