Why ViewSonic VP Series Monitors for My Color Critical Work ?

  • - Sagar Gosavi

Hardware color calibration –

Direct Hardware Calibration is the most sophisticated and most accurate method of monitor calibration available. There is a 14 Bit LUT 3D LUT data built into the Monitor itself. So it does not rely on internal color management applications, drivers or functionality of software or OS. LUT is nothing but a translation table between the colour you should be getting, and the colour you actually are getting, is created and installed. It corrects all liner and non liners errors in the digital displays. 14 Bit Look up table assures more data to match with. Software calibration is only 8 Bit and is less accurate and reliable. When the monitor is shipped, it is shipped with factory calibrated unit.

100% sRGB Color Gamut –

VP Series Monitors are equipped to reproduce almost entire sRGB color space which is the most widely used standard in today’s digital display industry.

Color Accuracy – Delta E<2 –

Delta E is the standard calculation metric which correlates the human visual judgment of differences between two perceived colors. The higher the Delta E (ΔE), the further away the color is from the true hue, using CIELAB. Perfect color has a Delta E of zero, although this cannot be detected using the human eye. The minimal detectable difference is between 1-2.5 Delta E.

Black and White Levels –

VP Series Monitor can produce very accurate and uniform luminosity across the display area. That means you see accurate amount of shadows and brightness information. This makes sure that your brighness and contrast remain consistent on your screen and in your prints.


I parted from Windows based machines since 5 years and no regret. My Current setup includes, 4k iMac, Macbook Pro and MacBook Air all hooked on to my Hardware Color Calibrated ViewSonic VP2468 Monitor. As i compared all the Lcds i work with including the one from apple, ViewSonic is my favorite as it give the most accurate representation of what i shot so that i post process them to correct and enhance the images.